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Subject Testimonial from an American in Seoul
Writer American in Seoul Writeday 2016.02.01 Hits 484

I first consulted with Dr Lee to possibly help me with nose surgery that was needed ever since I had a high school sports accident that broke my nose. At that time, the doctor just reset my nose with no concern to the internal structure or the outside aesthetics. Dr Lee fully explained the internal workings of my nose and explained the deviated septum issues that interfered with my breathing through the nose. Dr Lee generated a feeling of trust and respect with me. Based on this consultation, I decided to have my nose surgery conducted by Dr Lee. The successful surgery and follow-up process with Dr Lee reinforced my feelings of trust and respect for Dr Lee and his professional team of care givers. Based on this trust, after six months of recovery for the nose surgery, I consulted with Dr Lee concerning a full face lift and liposuction. Dr Lee again produced a great feeling of trust and confidence within me that I decided to commit to the surgery. I’m in recovery now from this new surgery. I am amazed at the results already. Even though it has only been 10 days since the surgery, my bruising is minimal and healing is amazing. I contribute the smooth recovery and healing to Dr Lee’s professional techniques and his after surgery care by his professional team. As with any elective surgery, the decision is a personal choice. The trust and confidence that I have in Dr Lee and his team of professionals have made the decision a lot easier. Thank you Dr Lee and Team.