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Subject Re: SMAS face and neck lift
Writer Jackie Writeday 2016.04.15 Hits 596
Dear JoAnn, Dr. Lee & everyone in VIP Int’l,

I shall never forget March 18th 2013 as it was the date that I had my first facial surgery in VIP Clinic.

I am not a person whom likes to be under the knife especially on the face but once I stepped into
VIP clinic and after meeting Dr. Lee, the nurses and staff, half of my worries have been lightened.

They were all very professional and warm hearted. The people and the clinic environment makes me feel
comfortable and confident both in myself and the doctors whom I shall entrust my face & neck over
the next couple of hours.

Dr. Lee Myung Ju whom performed the operation is a ‘maestro’ in this industry. He is highly skilled
and a very conscientious & concerned doctor. His care for each and everyone of his patient is warm
and genuine. I considered him more of an artist than a doctor as he seeks perfection in his work.

This is one of the main reasons why VIP Clinic has been so successful as compared to the other bigger
clinics and hospitals in Seoul. Their kindness, their care and their warmness make the patients
feel like being at home when they are at surgery as well as when they are recuperating from surgery.

I would certainly come back to VIP again and again should I need other surgeries in the near future.
I will also not hesitate to introduce friends and relatives to VIP for their surgeries and treatment
as it is the most family friendly clinic I have encountered .

Finally, I wish to extend my thanks to Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, Mrs. Kim, JoAnn and Chloe whom has
treated me so well and showing me there are many beautiful people around this world with a
warm and kind heart. Two years later we have bonded to become not just patients but also good
friends. Thank you for extending this relationship to me.

Yours Sincerely,