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VIP Teardrop Breast Augmentation
The teardrop implant was first launched by POLYTECH in 2012 in Asia.
Since its design is based on the female breast shape, it appears very natural.

The ‘teardrop’ name is derived from its shape – a sloped contour filled more on the bottom than the top, mimicking the shape of natural breasts. Even though the upper part of the teardrop implants is not quite as filled as the round implants, they tend to give greater projection than their round counterparts with the same amount of volume. Teardrop implants might be the right choice for women who are seeking a breast enhancement that appears more natural.

Between the two implant shapes, it is usually the teardrop that costs more, which is definitely something to consider for those concerned about financial expenses. The teardrop implant also requires a textured surface in order to keep the implant from rotating and distorting the shape of the breast.

Whether to choose the round or teardrop type implant is a personal decision dependent on both individual preference and body type. In order to make a wise choice, the patient should discuss the options with the surgeon.

Round type
Teardrop type
Advantages of the Teardrop implant
Existing teardrop breast surgery was just inserting the round type implant as in teardrop shape. However, the new method which is using the real teardrop shaped implants will be much more natural than any other methods.
Breast implants so far leaked when pressure was applied. However, the teardrop implant stays as it is without any leakage at all. It has high stability so it is completely harmless.
VIP Teardrop implant / Before & After
Cohesive gel
Cohesive gel is a silicone gel type that was newly manufactured by Dow Corning, which came to the fore at the silicone shock in 1991. This has improved viscosity and is more cohesive than silicone, so does not spill when ruptured. Safety is increased compared to the existing silicone, but there is still a lot of controversy over whether it should be allowed in Korea.

Regarding the permission of use of silicone gel, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Advisory Committee composed by fifteen specialists, proposed on October 15, 2003, the use of silicone gel again in certain conditions, by nine to six.
Within only 3 months, on January 2004, FDA refused again the sales of silicone gel. Thus, silicone gel for the use of breast surgery is not yet legally imported and distributed in Korea.

On November 17, 2006, FDA announced the permission of silicone implant for breast augmentation to women over 22 years of age under the condition that a patient is warned of the necessity of supplementary surgery more than once after the initial surgery because the breast augmentation surgery is not permanent. As can be inferred by its name, the gel remains “cohesive”. This resolved the problem of liquid silicone inside the bag from spilling when ruptured. Cohesive gel is in gel state like jelly, while existing silicone is in liquid state like honey. A major advantage of the cohesive gel is that it is safe even with rupture.
Cohesive gel is classified into Cohesive I, Cohesive II and Cohesive II according to cohesiveness. The same size and shape can seem different based on the classification. It is classified into moderate, moderate-plus and high profile according to the height and diameter. Flat and wide type or high and narrow type is used that is suitable for the patient.

Saline implant

Saline implants are the most widely used implant in the world. The silicone bag consists of 0.9% physiological saline, so even in case of rupture, it is completely harmless to the human body. When inserted, the size can be arranged and easily replaced. The touch may be less pleasing than the silicone implant, but it can vary based on the surgical technique and post-surgical care of each individual.

Silicone gel

It is difficult to find silicone gel in Korea. Many side effects, especially illustrated well in the Dow Corning lawsuit case, are raised so it is forbidden in the United States. However, latest research shows that this does not cause the anomaly in the immune system and is unrelated to breast cancer. In Europe, the use of silicone gel is still officially permitted. However, in Korea, it is only used for special cases, such as breast reconstruction, and not used otherwise.


In recent years, the use of Hydrogel increased because it feels better than the saline implant due to hydrogel in glucose form on the inside. However, there is yet to be research on the long-term potential side effects of Hydrogel in the body. Also, when ruptured, inflammation may occur, which makes it less safe than the saline implant.

Double lumen

There are two separate chambers to supplement the faults of a single chamber implant bag. It was originally used for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. The surface of the implant consists of silicone gel, while the inner chamber is of saline bag. It is more comfortable than saline implants, and the volume size can be adjusted by the port in case of asymmetry from surgery and according to changes in body type. Nevertheless, the disadvantages are high cost, use of legally forbidden silicone gel and removal of port after surgery.

Areola Breast Surgery(New W-areola incision)

Breast augmentation through armpit incision leaves a small scar. This is a disadvantage to dancers, models, active women and those who enjoy wearing sleeveless clothes during summer. Areola incision is a solution for them (The patient’s condition should be met prior to going on the w-areola incision method).

The existing areola incision can leave scars depending on the condition of areola. The latest w-areola breast surgery incises accurately along the areola border, leaving virtually invisible scar. Moreover, this method allows the surgeon to directly access the pectoralis major muscle for placing and positioning the breast implant. The result is breasts with natural-looking volume and appearance with less scarring.

Incision of the pectoralis major muscle along the bottom edge contour of the areola is suitable for patients who want to have bigger breasts but with unsuitable skin condition. This is also very useful for reoperation due to capsular contracture. Whether an initial surgery or reoperation, the patient must consult with a qualified surgeon to determine the best surgery method.

Advantages of W-Areola incision
Virtually invisible scar compared to the existing areola incision method Easy to approach for breast implant placement
Effective results for sagging breasts, thorax malformation or bilateral asymmetric breasts Suitable method for reoperation due to capsular contracture
Endoscopic Breast Surgery

Many women around the world desire for larger and fuller breasts, as it is a symbol of beauty. Successful breast enhancement depends on choosing the right method and surgeon. This means that an accurate and sanitized placement of implants is also crucial.

In a general breast surgery, a space is made beneath the pectoral muscle through an armpit incision (3-4 cm) without careful observation.

This often causes damages in the muscles, nerves or blood vessels with profuse bleeding. Furthermore, patients may have uneven breasts and misplacement of the implant space, resulting in capsular contracture, bilateral asymmetry or an implant weighing upward.

VIP Breast Surgery Center utilizes the most up-to-date endoscopic equipment for a more accurate and sanitary surgery. This endoscopic breast surgery equipment may prevent nerve and blood vessel damage. It clearly detaches the muscle layers based on accurate anatomy, which results in minimum pain.

Problems of General Breast Surgery Without an Endoscope
- Severe pain due to muscle damage
- Profuse bleeding due to blood vessel and muscle damage
- Bilateral asymmetry due to inaccurate surgery
- Increased risk of capsular contracture
- Paresthesia due to nerve damage
Advantages of Endoscopic Breast Surgery
- Hemostasis is possible by directly identifying the bleeding vessel
- Prevention of nerve and blood vessel damage
- Symmetrical space for implant insertion
- Natural appearance due to separation of sagging tissue and muscle inside the space
- Minimum pain due to accurate anatomical dissection
- Prevention of capsular contracture due to less bleeding and enough hemostasis