VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Dual Plane (Subpectoral Breast Augmentation)

The principle of the breast augmentation is that an implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle to project the breast tissue, thus augmenting the breast. However, the breast condition differs anatomically for each patient. Moreover, there are many changes in the breast tissue due to various factors, such as aging or lactation.

For patients who have short breast bottoms (distance between the nipple and bottom line), small and sagging breasts, or degraded breast tissue after lactation, the general method of implant insertion results in implant migration, a double contour between the implant and sagging breast tissue.

The dual plane method is a solution to such problem.

This is a double-layered special method, in which the pectoral muscle is separated from the breast tissue and moved upward, so that the implant is covered by the muscle in the upper part and covered only by the breast tissue in the lower part.

In other words, the upper half of the implant is positioned under the pectoral muscle, and the lower half is covered by the breast tissue. This method is called “dual plane” because the implant is simultaneously located under and over the muscle.

The “Dual Plane Breast Surgery” is a high-technique breast surgery, which allows the small, sagging breasts to look and feel natural. It remarkably reduces the capsular contracture and resolves many problems of the general implant insertion beneath the breast tissue.

Advantages of Dual Plane
Results in natural cone-shaped breasts for small and under-developed lower part breasts
Results in natural teardrop-shaped contour and lifted breasts
Reduces capsular contracture and implant migration rate
Long-term maintenance of the correction of sagging breasts