VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - V-line Surgery

V-LINE chin surgery
V-line jaw reduction

In a general jaw reduction, only the mandibular angle is reduced, so the shape of the chin does not change. Thus, even though the prominence of the jaw is shaved down, there would be no dramatic effect for patients with a large and stubby chin.

The ‘V-line jaw reduction’ is a solution to this problem. This makes the desired facial shape suitable for the patient and creates a slender chin, which is essential for the V-line shaped face.
Refining the shape of the chin and reducing the mandibular angle simultaneously result in a V-line oval face. In addition, a long chin or short chin is corrected concurrently to obtain a natural and perfect V-line.

Reasons for Re- surgery of jaw reduction.
The mandibular angle is too straightened without considering the overall facial feature.
Only the mandibular angle is reduced without reshaping the chin.
The mandibular angle is resected too much.
The incisal surface is not even.
A big scar is left due to an external incision.